We offer the best plans for our customers.  Our plan starts from Rs. 599. We also provide free unlimited telephone calling with every broadband plan

Broadband Connection

Broadband is the connection that links your computer and wi-fi enabled devices to the internet, both at home and on mobile. Most of the south India broadband coverage.

Voice Calls

Voice gives you a seamless transition for flexible, scalable, IP communications, including voice channel capacity with more flexibility and security at lower costs.

Internet Protocol Television

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) delivers television programming to households via a broadband connection using Internet protocols. It is in digital format.

Internet Leased line for Business

Internet Leased Line service for enterprises, empowers them with dedicated bandwidth ensuring reliable high-speed communication and collaboration.


We having franchises all over Coimbatore and Tirupur Districts, etc. Aavai Group will give a such unique opportunity to enjoy the success and freedom you desire by allowing you to own and run your own business.

Revenue Sharing

Aavai provides a proven turn-key business opportunity fr a smooth and immediate flow of business and revenue cutting edge products, exclusive territory, etc.

Get High – speed Data

& quality boradband connection Starting @ Rs.599/

When choosing among the best high speed Internet providers, there are several other factors that should be taken into consideration besides just the available download speeds.

Why to Choose Us

We use a trusted brand of network equipment for customers and clients

Quality Services

The company is poised its best of services within the parameters set out in the quality of service of broadband service regulations 2006 (11 of 2006) of TRAI.

Duties & Obligations

To offer services in accordance with the license conditions prescribed in the ISP The license issued by DoT and applicable regulations prescribed by TRAI from time to time

Rights of Consumers

The right to get information regarding tariff before the provision of service and every time the tariff is changed, especially adversely affecting the consumer.